For the discerning reader, the work of Dr. Stephen Blank has always been a favorite.

Dr. Blank has recently published an article, which may be obtained free of charge, here, at the Jamestown Foundation’s webpage.  Of particular note is the attention he draws to the potential sale of Russian heavy bombers and ALCMs to the PRC.  And of particular interest to the reader may be this quote:  ”China apparently now argues the main requirement for such a bomber is that it carries more long-distance cruise missiles.”

And further,

[I]f Moscow supplied the Kh-22 (NATO designation: As-4 Kitchen) supersonic air-delivered cruise missile, this long-range anti-ship cruise missile could change the balance in the South China Sea (OSC-FBIS, January 26; China News Center, January 24; Vzgliad Online, January 22).

It is worth thinking about the present state of both ALCM and SLCM technology, the world over.  A good deal has been said in the past year about increasing tension in Asia, be it Chinese territorial claims, strains between U.S. allies, and of course, the DPRK.  But not much is said about the kind of technology the PRC would need, and from where it is getting it, to enable it to deal with the U.S. “pivot.”