Yes, it’s another edition of For Your Reading Pleasure!

Center for Public Integrity | R. Jeffrey Smith reports that the Obama administration is shifting funds from nonproliferation to the nuclear weapons complex. More from John Fleck. More from Kingston Reif. More from Stephen Young.

YouTube | Excerpt from President Obama’s speech of April 5, 2009.

The State | Some aren’t too happy with the proposed cuts.  Fiscal responsibility only goes so far.

Verification, Implementation and Compliance | Andreas Persbo says nuclear policy wonks at the Carnegie Conference have a “hangover.” But they like to Tweet.

Russian Forces | Pavel Podvig asks, did Star Wars really end the Cold War?

Washington Free Beacon | Bill Gertz asks, did the Cold War really end?

The Foundry | Ex-intel analyst Bruce Klingner puts the DIA’s assessment of North Korean nuclear missiles into perspective. More from George Little.

The Borowitz Report | Andy Borowitz: U.S. cyber-offense capabilities will thwart the North Korean threat.  He must have received this press release.

We hope that these articles provide ample discussion and debate material until the next FYRP.