Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis is the founding publisher of Arms Control He is the Director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. His also a non-resident affiliate at Stanford's Center for Security and International Cooperation and a Contributing Editor to Survival.


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Nuclear Test Sites Are Too Damn Busy

Errors in Analysis of the Hwasong-18

Protected: The Company Powering Russia’s Drone War

Death Cult Drones, Maybe

New Construction at Yongbyon

Missile Defense

Iran in Geo

ICBM Testing at Sunan

Changes at Punggye-ri

Saudi Arabia Producing Ballistic Missiles

Soviet FROGS in North Korea

Yongbyon Enrichment Plant

Russia Resumes Burevestnik Testing

Chinese ICBM Silos

Israeli Rocket Motor Test

DPRK Moves Launch Barge

New Construction at Yondoktong

Will North Korea Test Another SLBM?

Burevestnik Testing To Resume

Wollo-ri Nuclear Facility

What’s Up at Sanum-dong?

The DPRK’s Monuments Men

Identifying DPRK Machine Plants

DPRK RV Video Analysis

Nielsen on Thailand, Tuvalu and the Test Ban

Snooping on Denuclearization

Russia’s Nuclear Powered Cruise Missile

The JCPOA Will Not Kill Grandma With Cancer

Domestic UDMH Production in the DPRK

SAR Image of Punggye-ri

Safeguards Challenges in the Nuclear Weapons Ban

Anheung Proving Ground

Hwasong 10 and 12 missiles.

DPRK Wound Filament Airframes

Kerr on the JCPOA

Iskanders in Kaliningrad

Egypt’s Missile Programs

China’s HQ-19 Hit-to-Kill Interceptor

Iskander, INF and Kaliningrad

Yemen’s Burkan-1 Missile

On Fabius and the Iran Deal

ICBM Basing Modes

Hilary and the LRSO

The Donald, The Nuclear and No First Use

The Security Council and the Test Ban

Dudes from the SHIG II: Electric Boogaloo

Barry’s Legacy and the Bomb

Another North Korean Nuclear Test

DPRK Missile Designations

KN-11 and THAAD

Machine Plant managed by Ho Chol Yong

No, China Isn’t Punishing North Korea

MH17 Anniversary

Kwangmyonsong Debris

The Clothes Geolocate the Man

Python Library for Nuclear Weapons Effects

New DPRK ICBM Engine

Iran Launch Forthcoming

The Michael Ranger Files: Part 3

The Michael Ranger Files: Part 2

The Michael Ranger Files: Part 1

Coming Simorgh Launch?

Coming Iran, DPRK Space Launches?

North Korean H-Bomb Docs

Revisiting South Africa’s Bomb

Rebel With A Bomb

Scathe Mean in Desert Storm

No, Oz is not an NPT Nuclear Weapon State

More on Status-6/Kanyon

Russian Underwater Drone Slide

Russian Cruise Missiles Revisited

Sokov on Russian Cruise Missiles

Pyongsan and Sillamäe

DOD Law of War Manual and Nukes

Visualizing the Iran Deal

E3/EU+3 or P5+1

Notes from the REVCON III

Geolocating the Kalahari Test Site

Notes from the RevCon II


Notes from the NPT REVCON

Jofi Joseph on the Iran Deal

Frameworks and Agreements

References to 1987 IDA Report

Background on False Lavizan-3 Story

Me, in DC on Friday

Pornstar Reporting Fake As Her Orgasms

DPRK Missile, Rocket Launches

It’s Not A Rocket

Red Bird Express

Carnegie RFP on Disruptive Tech

Ships of the Desert

Mauger on China’s Hypersonic Test

Crashing Glider, Hidden Hotspring

Geolocating the Toksa Launch

Korla Missile Test Complex

Smerch or Toksa?

Oryx Blog on DPRK Arms Exports

Ferenc on a 2-Stage Iran Deal

Nuclear Weapons Transparency

Note from a Small Organization

Additional Thoughts on Burma

Ukraine and the 1994 Budapest Memorandum

Russia and the INF Treaty

A Few Words on Ed Snowden

Taiwan Research Reactor

Syria, Forgeries and False-Flags

Crowdsourcing Russian ICBMs

Japan’s Pu and the Cookie Problem

PENAID Control & the MTCR

US-RF Nuclear Security Cooperation

DPRK’s New 300 mm MLRS

Security Lapse at Volkel

Trial Operational Deterrence

Project Dribble (Uniform Vela)

Hagap (하갑) UGF

A Chinese “Nuclear Umbrella” for Ukraine?

Russian INF Compliance

The Curious Case of Red Mercury

Some Think Size Matters

Home Sweet Home with AQ Khan 2/2

Home Sweet Home with AQ Khan 1/2


Israel, Nuclear Weapons and the 1973 Yom Kippur War

Kemp: Setting a Goal for Iran Talks

China’s New Centrifuge Plants

Yongbyon 5MWe Restart

Minding Assad’s Red Line

Syria CW Elimination Modalities

Acton on CPGS

North Korea Machine Tool Sites

Russian Early Warning

Disappointing Syria Documents

Size Doesn’t Matter

Cruise Missile Proliferation

Plutonium Mountain

David C. Jones, 1921-2013

DPRK Armistice Parade

Chong Chon Gang Interdiction

Saudi Arabia’s Strategic Dyad

CTBTO Policy Course

Crowdsourcing Scud Launches

Disarmament Winners and Losers

Is This Where North Korea Makes Its Centrifuges?

More EMP Nonsense

Is the Musudan Real?

Inspections at Minot

Traffic Wardens and Kim Posters

Anon O’Moose on Missile Defense

Syria and Sarin

North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal: Guide for the Perplexed

North Korean Targeting

No More 721 Reports

Writing on the Wall

Pierre Noir, Again

Show and TEL

Ring Magnets


Emerging Powers and Nuclear Politics

Crazy Korea Story

CNS/LLNL Safeguards Course

Guest Post: Droning On

Ward Wilson Wednesdays Part 4

FSA Overruns Al Kibar

Making Yield Estimates

Yield Estimation Placeholder

Inappropriate Target

Ward Wilson Wednesdays Part 3

DPRK Test Tunnel


Ward Wilson Wednesdays Part 2

Setting Expectations for a DPRK Test

Agent 15 Items

Ward Wilson Wednesdays

North Korea’s Juche Rocket

Energomash Research Complex

Sanger and Shanker Confusion

Missile Defender Day

Death Star Amendment

More Unha Wreckage

Subcritical Experiments

How about an iPad?

Sutyagin on Russia’s TacNukes

Unha Debris Revisited

Unha Debris

More Iranians in North Korea

Iranians in North Korea?

Patton on Pakistan’s U Supply

Iran, Immunity and Diagrams

IAEA Hacking

Myanmar Rare Earths Stuff

Rare Earths

Fact-Checking From Low-Earth Orbit

Greetings from Vienna

Elahe Mohtasham Decision

Nuclear Nightmares Revisited

Close Calls

Neutron Letter Bombs

Banning Nuclear-Armed ABMs

SLCM Data Exchanges Revisited

PSA: CTBT Advanced Science Course

RoK Missile Rationale Roulette

Bibi’s Bomb: Guide for the Perplexed

Where Is Israel’s Red Line for Iran?

KN-08 Markings

The Button

China Exports SWU

Nunn Lugar Prize

On That Aeroflot Advert

Reciprocal Unilateral Measures

Deterring Syria’s CW

Ayatollah’s Pregnant Pause

Diplomacy 101

My Own Sleuthing From Home

Do We Need ICBMs?

DPRK Panel of Experts

When the Navy Declassifies …

Iran Mil Power Report

Resuming SLCM Data Exchanges

Yesin on China’s Nukes

Iran-Venezuela Explosives Cooperation

Venezuela-Iran UAVs

ICBM Basing Modes

Kelley on Parchin

Return of the Hard Mobile Launcher

Syrian Missiles

Origins of the Musudan IRBM

Nuclear Weapons Budget, Revisited

DPRK Threatens ROK Media

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Schmucker & Schiller on the SS-N-6

Say “Landscape Architect” in Farsi


On That East Coast GMD Site

Detonation Chamber at Parchin

Pierre Noir Revisited

Secret US Trip To Pyongyang?

Extending Deterrence from the Triad

Adventures of Kim Jong Un

Pierre Noir

Addendum on KN08

Real Fake Missiles?

Lee Myung-bak as Rat?

More on DPRK TELs


North Korea’s Upcoming Launch

DPRK GDAE Stationery

Saudi Storm Shadow Sale Confirmed

Hostile Intent

Rockets and the Leap Day Deal

A Nuclear Coup

Long Range Missiles Of Any Kind

Honest Johns in Korea

Tuppenny Trident?

Significant Quantities Rant

Goldschmidt on Iran

Atoms For Peace, Baby

AP Story on “Steep” Nuclear Cuts

On That Burning Russian SSBN

Two DPRK Nuclear Tests in 2010?

DIAC has a Scud!

North Korea’s Leadership Transition and Proliferation

Thérèse Delpech (1948-2012)

India Was Khan’s Fourth Customer

Pakistan’s Nuclear Artillery?

Farewell Happy Hour, Thursday 12/15

Collected Thoughts on Phil Karber

12 Nov Blast at Military Base in Iran

The Nuclear Weapons Budget

Plushkino Traffic Jam

Site F near Sabha

Deterrence Under Sequestration

At The Crossroads With Iran

Closing The File On Hasaka

AP On Hasaka

Missile Exhibition in Tehran

Patton on Khushab

Hasaka Spinning Factory Revisited

Full Cost Accounting & the B53

Hasaka Spinning Factory

More on Iran at the GC

Iranian Giveaway at the GC

DPRK Nuclear Tests

DPRK Road Mobile ICBM?

B83 Mod X

Public Service Announcements

Where Are The Rest of Khan’s Docs?

AQ Khan Documents

Revisiting Bush’s Decision on Al Kibar

IAEA DG Reports on Iran, DPRK

The Case Against ElBaradei

No Shoot Down

Araxos, A-Bombs & Alcohol

Libya’s Scud-B Force

Compliance Reports

Bolton and DeSutter on INF

“Monkey with a Grenade”

Iran Marketing Missiles?

Talking Warheads on EMP

Gibrat’s Theorem

I Still Call It The JAEC


Advanced Issues in Arms Control

Saga of the Monchegorsk

Joyner on the NSG

Memo from Jon Byong Ho

The Bhangmeter


Carlson on Syria

ENR Transfers, Pending

Nuclear Matters 2011

Reflections of A Nuclear Weaponeer

B61 Mod 12 Revisited

More on the Gerdab Nuke Test Story

Day After Iran’s First Nuclear Test

Greetings from Seoul

Full Text of GOV/2011/40

More Saudi/Storm Shadow/MTCR

Who Will Host the Fuel Bank?

Storm Shadow, Saudi & the MTCR

On Memorial Day

Atomic Cupcakes

Uranium Deuteride Initiatiors Redux

Panel of Exports Report on DPRK

Tunnel Re-sealing at Semipalatinsk

“New” Radiation Symbol

The Hunt for Small Potatoes

Worst Chart Ever

AQ Khan on the Pak Stockpile

Additional Protocol and ENR Transfers

More Mongolia Spent Fuel Storage

Lowy Interviews John Duncan

W78 Pit Corrosion

Greetings from Bruxelles!

GAO on the B61 LEP

The Thing Is Superb Physics

A Belated, Happy Easter

Israel and North Korea

FEPC Info Sheets 4/15-4/20

FEPC Info Sheet 4/14

FEPC Info Sheet 4/13

FEPC Info Sheets 4/11, 4/12

FEPC Info Sheet 4/8

Mongolian SNF Depot

FEPC Info Sheet 4/7

FEPC Info Sheet 4/6

FEPC Info Sheet 4/5

FEPC Info Sheet 4/3

FEPC Info Sheet 4/1

FEPC Info Sheet 3/31

Pyroprocessing is Reprocessing

FEPC Info Sheet 3/30

FEPC Info Sheet 3/29

Localized Criticalities at Fukushima?

FEPC Info Sheet 3/28

TEPCO Info Update 3/25

Happy Hour On Tuesday

FEPC Info Sheet 3/25

TEPCO Info & Thermographs

FEPC Info Sheet 3/24

Deterrence During Disarmament

FEPC Statement 2/23

TEPCO Update 3/22

FEPC Statement 3/22

Radiation Doses

Libya’s Lessons for North Korea

FEPC Statement 3/21

FEPC Statement 3/20

FEPC Statement 3/19

Clapper on Iran NIE

FEPC Statement 3/18

Nuclear Boy

Another FEPC Statement

Most Recent FEPC Statement

Zirconium Cladding Fire Resources

New FEPC Statement

Another FEPC Statement

IAEA on Fukushima

FEPC Statement on Fukushima

Update from Tokyo

Rokkasho Visit

Off to Japan

Hong Kong as Transshipment Point

Bushehr Cooling Pump

GOV/2011/7 & GOV/2011/8

Greetings from Las Vegas

Big ‘Toping

Extended Deterrence

On Spinning Libyan Centrifuges

Pyongyang Pig Factory

Burmese Space Shuttle

Proliferation Assessments

Nuclear Night

Still in DC

IGCC Nuclear Posture Event

More IAEA Fuel Bank Docs

Russian New START Resolution

China and No First Use

IAEA Fuel Bank

Operation Groundhog

The Next START

Read Behind

Greetings from Akumal

S is for Strategic, T is for …

All I Want for X-Mas is New START

How Many NORK Enrichment Sites?

2010 ACA Person of the Year

Britain’s Independent Deterent 2

A Note To Readers

180 NATO Nukes

Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons

More on NATO Nukes

Pakistan HEU Repatriation

NATO Nukes

Wikileaks and “CableGate”

Transcendental Meditation & the NPT

IAEA Reports on Iran, Syria

NORK Enrichment Facility

Greetings from Brazil

Baikal 1

Musings on Turkey

Moving On!


North Korea Sanctions Report

It Ain’t No Thing

New START At A Crossroads

More on EPURE

UK-France Nuclear Weapons Coop

Biscuits, Cookies, and Nuclear Bombs

Heinonen in Haaretz

Release the Hounds!

Extended Deterrence Policy Committee

The Cooling Tower

It’s a Comb-Over!

Another Kleine Brogel Bombspotting

Persistent Engagement and DPRK Transition

How Suicide Bombers Are Like Nuclear Ones

Why China Won’t Engage

Clinton PDDs and PRDs

Klaatu Barada Nikto

A Curious Sort of Leak

Why ICBMs are Hard to Build

Back in the US

Iran and Syria Reports

Iran’s Qiam Missile Comments

Schmucker/Schiller on Iran’s Qiam

The M Word

Now We’re Just Negotiating The Price

Black Helicopters

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

Patience is a Virtue

A Walk In The Woods


And We’re Back

Nat’l Security Strategy & Iran

Lugar on New START and TacNukes

Mocking Romney

Replacing Olli

Heinonen Resigns

UNSC Experts Panel on DPRK Sanctions

"Newly Developed Way" for NORK Nukes?

Cow Mobile Missile Defense


Nick Burns on the NPT

Is North Korea Pursuing Boosted Bombs?


Cheater's Risk

North Korea, Iran Meet the Dentist

Saudi Missile Claims

Schmucker and Schiller on Nork Missiles

More Burma Bombs

Burma Allegations Coming

GOV/2010/28 and GOV/2010/29

Wen Jiabao on the Cheonan Incident

Did Yang Jiechi Lose it?

Greetings from Tokyo

Zombie Fuel Swap, Back from Dead, Again

New START and Missile Alert Rates

Is 720 the new 700?

More on the the IISS Iranian Missile Dossier

Grading the NPR: New Warheads

Stockpile Numbers

Hoffman on the NPR

Seoul Purpose

Iranian ICBM by 2015?

Ingram on Lib Dems and Trident

Summer Study on Arms Control 1960

Schelling at New America on Friday

Missile Defense and the Prague Treaty

Grading the NPR: Transparency

Arnie Kanter, 1945-2010

Prague Treaty Text and Protocol

Happy Hour Thursday

The Pivot

Prague Treaty Cuts Are Modest, Real

Happy Hr for Leonor Tomero @ Big Hunt

38 North

Off the Geneva, Again!

Prague Treaty Fact Sheet

Late 2009 721 Report

Regional Nuclear Weapons Free Zones

China's Kinetic Kill Vehicle

Khan Kept A Diary?

Leaks and Motives of AQ Khan

Doreen and Jim McElvany 2010 Nonproliferation Challenge

Monterey Masters in Nonpro, Terrorism

T-D'ag Misrepresents JASON Report

China's Centralized Warhead Storage

More on US-Japan "Secret Agreements"

PPNT Deadline Coming Up

Japan Releases NCND Documents

North Korea-Venezuela Friendly

India To Conduct Hit-to-Kill Test

Plague and Cholera

IPFM & Khushab 2 Come Online

New Missile Defense Agency Logo

Rozen on the Nuclear Posture Review


Tinner Tidbit

Gov/2010/10 and Gov/2010/11

Report on French Nuclear Testing

Egyptian Ballistic Missile Center

Gibbs Might Want Iran Statement Back

Iran as a Nuclear State

Iran Produces HEU

Iran to Enrich 20 Percent LEU


Yes, It's the Other Area

Iran Space Launch

Activists Breach Security at Kleine Brogel

NNSA’s Big Budget, START and CTBT

Lugar on START at SW21

Burma, Bombs and Boxes

Translating the Okada Letter

Stanton Fellowships

Japan Hates TLAM-N

Nonpro Talk, Wednesday @ Wilson Center

Chinese Missile Defense Test

Declaratory Policy

Holiday Fudge Recipe

Arms Control Person of the Year 2009

Bulavas Whirling Though the Sky

Uranium Deuteride Initiators

Why The Navy Should Retire TLAM-N

Off To Beijing!

Another Bulava Failure


Ros-Lehtinen on Arms Control

Official: Ankara Doesn't Need NATO Nukes

Greetings from Monterey, CA

More on Britain's Independent Deterrent

Revisiting Votkinsk

Cirincione on Colbert

You know it was the 1980s because …

China's Noisy New Boomer


V-Poot, Hip Hop Fan

IAEA BoG Reports

Votkinsk Portal Monitoring Facility

More on the BUP

Lugar on START Verification

Vacuum Tubes for Chu

Iran Expands Gchine U Mine

Mianyang, From Space

Qian Xuesen (1911-2009)

Round Up the POSSE

Tourist Trip To Halabiye

Jon Kyl Arizona Test Site

Chinese Alert Rates and Russian Paranoia

Travis Sharp Takes a Poke at PONI

Nuclear Terrorism Event at CATO

Deterrence and Reassurance

Dead Hand, START and Strategy Stability

Can CTM Bust Russian Silos?

DF-31As on Parade

DF-31As On Parade Revisited

ACW Happy Hour, Thursday, October 8, 6ish

Safeguards v. EXPO

The Kataev Archive

Rethinking US Nuclear Posture

Qom Enrichment Facility Roundup

Covert Site in Iran

Off to Winnipeg

4 Score and 7 Interceptors

2005 Iran NIE Details

Gates On 'Likely Conclusions' of NPR

A Sensible Missile Defense for NATO

B61 Replacement and Vacuum Tubes

Missiles on Parade

Monitoring the Test Ban

Pakistan Blocks Consensus in CD

Twenty-Two Cascades Under Vacuum

August 2009 IAEA Reports on Iran, Syria

India's H Bomb Revisited

Persbo & Hibbs on ElBaradei

START Follow On Sessions

National Academies CTBT Study

SECDEF Tried to Revive RRW in June

Acton on Prolif Risk, Nuclear Power

African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone

Iran NSPD Coda

North Korea's Yongbyon Complex

Forget the Posture Commission, OK?

Aftergood Catches ODNI Being Lazy

Hibbs on the BOB

NPR Fact Sheets

O'Connor on the BOB

J-Bolt Wants Israel to Disarm

Big Odd Myanmar Box

The Kyl Amendment

CTBT Scope Note

Atomic Won

WaPo Hit Job on EastWest Institute

Donald Report

A Place For One's Mat

START Follow-on Roundup

Joint Understanding US Full Text

Piers Millett at NAF Reminder

START Joint Understanding

Follow on to START

Piers Millett at New America

Yinhe Revisted

Postol and Wright on the Unha-2

Operation Gunnerside

Yura's Brew

Revisiting the W76-1 SLEP

HASC Language on Stockpile Management

UK Trident Yield

Pinkston on NORK Goodies

Sagan on No First Use

IC Surprised at NORK Test?

SS-21 Debris In Georgia, Revisited

2009 Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat

Show me the FOGBANK

Thirteen Cascades in Vacuum

IAEA Reports on Iran and Syria

Greetings from Amman

W76 Problems Seem Overblown

Lick the Carrot

Geneva, We Have a Workplan

Li Bin on Strategic Stability

Libby Turpen on NNSA's Future

North Korean Nuclear Test Mb

NORK Test Still Small (Not)

Herbert F. York (1921-2009)

Morning Joe

Kissinger on Offense/Defense Mix

2009/2010 College Debate Topic

Chilton Repeats the Vacuum Tube Myth

North Korea's Next Steps

NCPC Site & 721 Report

Albert Wohlstetter on Proliferation

China's Nuclear Stockpile, Revisited

The Trouble With Zero

DF-21 Delta Confirmation

Japan ♥ TLAM/N

Persbo Cover

The Two Perrys

The Lulling Effect of Arms Control

North Korea and Game Theory

Gates to Triad: Drop Dead

Reader Comments in the NY Times

Edward Teller on the ABM Treaty

Vacuum Tubes

Michael Krepon's Shoebox

Das Puffen Boomer

Where Nuclear Weapons Go To Die

The Il-Matic Returns

Biden p0wns CTBT Ratification, Maybe

Carnegie Conference Day 2

Carnegie Conference & Happy Hour

Another Taepodong Failure

Subcritical Testing at Lop Nor

Belated Nuclear Forensics April Fools

Chinese Nuclear Posture and Force Mod

IAEA DG Horserace

Minimum Means of Something

Ripping Off Ronen Bergman

Bodman Letter to Gates on RRW

T-Baum on RRW

IAEA Legal Adviser on Arak, Darkhovin

Twittering Now

White Supremacist Trust Fund Dirty Bomber

Presidential Policy Directives

Unha/Taepodong Test Imminent

Nine Cascades In Vacuum

A Correction

Wohlstetter Event at Hudson

Iran Panic Induced By Lousy Reporting

Iran and Syria Reports

Did Congress Define "New" Nukes?

Fun With FCNL

When SSBNs Collide

Rethinking Freedom of Action in Orbit

Is the Safir 2 or 3 Stages?

NORK Fuel Rod

Iranian Satellite Launch

MEB v. Lally Weymouth

Blog of Note: PONI

AQ Khan Website

Wohlstetter Book

Test Ban Verification

Tinner Talks

MiTEx Sats Inspect DSP-23

How Tall Was the Box

NORK HEU 3 1/2 Years Old?

Urs Walks

Nuclear Winter T-Shirt

More Pabian on Iran, Syria

BX-1 Panic

Britain's Independent Deterrent

Posture Commission Interim Report

MDA Test Oddities

Frank Pabian on Iran, Syria

Meet the erLEP

Tomorrow: Panel and Happy Hour

WMD Terrorism Commission Report

Steps To Zero/Steps To The Bar

WaPo on Nuclear Tourism

Estimative Language, Then and Now

Chinese-English Nuclear Security Glossary

IAEA Reports on Iran, Syria

Have a Sense of Humor

Deterrence: Past, Present, & Future

Iran Claims Solid-Fueled 2 Stage Sejjil

Traces of Uranium at AlKibar?

More Classified Nuclear NSPDs

Blair on The Ever-Ready Nuclear Misileer

McElvany Nonproliferation Essay Event

We Don't Need No Water, Let the Mother …

Greetings from Qingdao (aka Tsingtao)

Gormley on PRTBs

Greetings from Shanghai

DF-21 Delta aka CSS-5 Mod 4

B61 Mod 12 LEP

NORKs Delisted

Merlin Redux?

Greetings from Aldermaston

Test Ban Fiasco

McElvany 2009 Nonproliferation Challenge

WaPo "Fact Checkers" Blow it … Again

Life After RRW

Provisionally Delisting North Korea Redux

North Korea Tosses IAEA Inspectors

Provisionally Delisting North Korea

START: Dead Treaty Walking

Greetings from Jacksonville

Hayden on Al Kibar

NORK Missile Facility Spotted in 06/07

More on New NORK Missile Facility

DG Report On Iran (GOV/2008/38)

What Happens in Vienna …

NSG Side Deals on India

New NORK Missile and Space Launch Facility

I Buried Kim

Kim Recovering From Stroke?

Nelson-san on Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Ill?

India Gets NSG Waiver

India: Nuke Test Depends on Consequences

North Koreans Reverse Disablement, Kinda

State Department Answers on India

Sabotage! Dutch-style.

Welcome Josh Pollack

Bullsh*t Hydrazine Story

Chris Ford Resigns

Forden on Safir-e Omid

W76 LEP Completely Baked

BUFF Blogging for Arms Control

UCS Convention Ads

More SS-sumthin' Pics

Did Russia Fire SS-26s at Georgia?

India NSG Exemption in Danger?

W76 LEP Back on Track

Missile Defense Quid Pro Quo

NSG Exemption for India

IHOP of Doom

Marisa Ann Sketo-Kirsh

ACT Blog

State Won't Clear Nuke Strategy Paper

Anybody Want To Be My Intern?

Atomic Topiary

More on that TE rollover at Minot

Another Foul-Up At Minot

Japnese Bust Export Violator

Trey Day

4 Aegis Ships to Defend NATO


Errol Morris on Shahab Images


Same Old Boring Shahab 3

Minimum Deterrence Essay Online

India Safeguards Agreement Stinks

Mullen's Message for Israel

Lame Duckitude

Von Hippel on Albright

Minimum Deterrence

Ritter v. Albright


Medcalf on India & Testing

No Nukes At Lakenheath

Articles on China ASATs

Strategic Posture Commission Update 2

Will India Test Again?

Hibbs Reviews Books on Pak Bomb

NATO Nukes Not Secure

House E&W Denies Funding for RRW, Again

Pakistani Design In Switzerland

Japanese Vacuum Pump at Yongbyon

Greetings from San Jose


Indian PM on Disarmament

Did Pakistan Test a North Korean Bomb?

More Nuclear Mistakes

Call Me Magellan

North Korean Reprocessing Campaigns

Swiss Shred Tinner Docs; Khan Talks

Milbank on Hadley


Strategic Posture Commission Update

IR2 and IR3 Scoops

Reality TBD

Your Fact Checker Failed You

Kessler on Chris Hill

iPhone Blogging

Janne Nolan, Tuesday @ NAF, 12:15

Earthquake Update

I'm clean

More Boxology

Poor Sichuan

Korea Docs

How Many Nuclear Weapons Do We Need?

Blog of Note: Nukes and Spooks

NORKS Will Blow Up Cooling Tower

Wonk School: Overhead Images

More on the Ahmadinejad Visit to Natanz

Hayden Sticks to Al Kibar Size Estimate

Hecker, Luse & Wit: NORK Images & Report

Just How Big Was Al Kibar Again?

Full Text of the Syria Briefing

First Evidence BoE Was a Reactor

Hecker on Disablement

How Many Nukes to Deter China?

Dutch Ice Hockey

Iran Centrifuge Components

ISIS Publishes Heinonen Notes

IR-2s on Display

Happy Hour, Big Hunt, Th @ 6:00

800 NORK Ballistic Missiles

While England Slept

Nuclear Strategy Follow-On White Paper Deux

Olmert Claims BOE was "Nuclear-Related"

Areva's Big Ol' Back End

DF-31 Launch Site at Nanyang

DEPSECDEF Deeply Confused

Iran's Shrinking CW Program

Nothing Like This Can Happen

French Nuclear Reductions

Strategic Posture Commission Announced

Bullsh*t Gag Order on India

Kangzhuang & DF-31

2008 Nonproliferation Challenge

Who Debunked the UEP?

More on the Heinonen Presentation


721 Reports

Off to Singapore

Briefings on Iran's Weaponization Work

Norway Pledges $5 Million for IAEA Fuel Bank

4 Questions from Geoff Forden

Interesting Things I Heard Today

Greetings from Oslo

Off to Oslo!

IAEA Hints At Pre-2003 Bomb Program

USA 193 Risk Calculation

Don't Shoot Down USA 193

The Shot

French Nuclear Posture

Toward True Security

Space Race With China?

Forden on the Shahab 3

Hill on NORK Declaration, Disablement

A-Bomb in 3-D

Suspect Missile Facility Near Tabriz, Iran

US Spinning Libyan Centrifuges

USA 193 Comes Down

It's Official, Wolfie Is Back

Albright and Shire on Disblement, Box

No Policy Review on Six Party Talks


Its All About (Water) Chemistry

The Box is Back

All About the Benjamins

China Stuff Today

WaPo Fact Checker Looks Foolish

Roundtable & Happy Hour on Wed. 1/9

Norks on Disablement

NORKs Miss Deadline, Slow Disablement

Spy Story Pure Crap

Life After the RRW & Virtual Swords

Brown Back

Arms Control Person of the Year

A Modest, Yet Welcome, Reduction

Janne Nolan, Me on Next NPR

Blog Of Note: Atomic City Underground

Follow-On White Paper Rumor

The Onion On Sha Zukang

NCRI Still Didn't Discover Natanz

Slavin Lunch at CAP on 13 December

New CAEP Website

Gates on the Iran NIE

Persbo on Disablement

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Steve Coll to Lead New America Foundation

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Which Is Satire?

Type 094 or Jin-Class SSBN Spotted

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Dual Launched Regimes

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IAEA to Visit Arak

Iranian Bomb: Still 2010-2015?

Olli, Ali, Oxen-Free: IAEA-Iran Action Plan

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UNMOVIC Passes Into the Night

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Frickin' Extend START Already

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Iraqi Scientists In Iran?

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Roodie Can Fail, After All

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Iran's "Big Gains" at Natanz

NAS: Partially Fund Conventional Trident

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UC Wins Livermore Contract

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Aegis Hearts SDACS

Mousavian Arrested

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Tenet Memoir A Little Hazy

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Senators: 'Tsup With India-Iran Mil-to-Mil?

Why Bush Didn't Try to Stop The ASAT Test

Tune In Tokyo; NFIRE Set to Launch

Extend START

What About the OTHER Bomb Factory?

1,300 Centrifuges at the FEP

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Science, Sex, Superflies

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Iran Enriching "On Industrial Scale"

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TotalWonkerr v. Golfarb

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NIE on Iran's WMD Programs

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Tarhuna CW Facility

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Energy Independence (Again) for Iran

Tommy Franks, Ladies and Gentlemen

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Levin to Bob n' Condi on NORK HEU

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Size Matters

The Incredible Shrinking HEU Program

Iran's Scud Stunt

Is the Laptop of Death Bogus?

Ostendorff to NNSA

Chimpanzees Sought Yellowcake in Africa


Disablement, Whatever That Means

When Did Pakistan Stop Theiving?

P3 and P4 Centrifuge Data

Six Party Deal: Implications for Iran?

What's One TC Project Among Friends?

Bellows, Bearings and Rotors

Chris Hill Draws A Careful Distinction

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Pimp My Cascade

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SBX Tasked to Track Taepodong

The Onion Strikes Again

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Super Villain Team Up

An Assload of Debris

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Two Can Play at This Game

Does the DF-31 Suck or What?

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When Did China Start ASAT Testing?

Lolly Lolly Get Yer ASAT News Here

Chinese ASAT Likely Made Massive Debris

Chinese Test ASAT?

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Live Blogging Me!

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Will We Finally get our Moon Base?

Noah v. Jeffrey @ The Big Hunt, Th ~5 pm

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3 Studies Show Pu Pits Age Well

German Nuclear Tourism

Sandia Stalker

Terror Farm, Part 2

Iran Honked Off Over TC Denial

Technical Cooperation for Arak

Pu: Still Ages Like Sophia Loren

India's Nonproliferation Record Revisited

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NORKS Gave Beijing 20 Minutes Warning

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End of the World: Still Hot

NCRI Did Not Discover Natanz

Fleck: Don't Go Apedung

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Mobile Home/Meth Lab/SCIF

Making Iranian Uranium


What's Perpetuity Among Friends?

Terror Farm, Part 1

New National Space Policy, Also Silly

Meet Jane Vaynman

Nuclear Volleyball

So, like, why didn't it work?

Dropping the F-Bomb on the NORKS


North Korean Nuclear "Demonstration"

Iran, Enrichment, Etc. Etc.

More North Korea Nuclear Testing Rumors

Pakistani Pu Reactor and Reprocessing

Kang on North Korean Nuclear Test

North Korean Nuclear Test?

What Price, Peace?


The Boyz From Princeton

India and the MTCR

Well, Come to Beijing!

Taiyuan Space Launch Center

Hunter Payload, F16 in Daytime/IR Mode

Best Option in a Bad Situation

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Economics of Energy Independence for Iran

Get Enriched or Die Tryin' 2

OSD Policy Reorg


Heavy Water Plant Not Nuclear Reactor

TCB on The Fleitz of Fancy

Special Fissionable Materials


NORK Nuke Test Site

Mottaki: Suspension Illogical

Appeal On India-US Nuclear Deal

James Van Allen, 1914-2006

Iran Sought Significant Quantities of Uranium from Africa

Chinese Nuclear Warhead Facility

Want To See Two Spy Satellites?

So Long, Cheyenne Mountain

Reliable Replacement Warhead Redux

Urs Tinner

Nukes: Betcha Can't Make Just One!

Pak Bomb Factory

Ain't No Party Like A State Department Party

Securing the Bomb 2006

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Joseph on India

China's Incredible Shrinking Missile


Another Caucasian, Gary

Eloise at the Security Council

Well well well …

The Fine Art of Hotel Expressionism

Chastise That Naughty Boy!

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Stand Down, Boys

Taepodong Test Prep

Atomic Schwag

Greetings from Sedona

Survival Secrets for Atomic Attacks

Mahley On Libya

Bombs From Space

Blix on India

Iran and Google Earth

Armenian Chess Houligans

Bushehr Turbine Hall

Sure Is a Nice Package

Iran Offer

Rice To MSM: "Gullible" Not In Dictionary

Air Arabia Mascots

New Blog of Note: China Matters

China and No First Use

Lordi and Eurovision

Dudes With Lightsabers, Redux

Iran's May 2003 Offer

Three Poles Walk Into a GMD Site …

Lloyd Bentsen, 1921-2006

Judy Miller, Busted Again

Chill Out With the Taepo Dong 2

Coming Taepo Dong 2 Test?

More Iran Stuff

It's All Here: US Tables Draft FMCT

Iranian Centrifuge Developments

Will Huntington, Bad Man

The Notorious 7.2.1.

Irresponsible Rumor Mongering

Nuclear Football

Rohani Letter

Ahmadinejad Letter

The Ballad of ABomb and GDub

Iran's 164 Centrifuge Cascade

Starfire Optical Range

Quote Of The Day: Gary Payton

Politicizing Intel

Science is Fun!

DART Mishap Report

Communicating with SSBNs

Get Enriched or Die Tryin'

Iran News Online

Thank You James Nagelberg

More Fun With SWU

Collected Thoughts On Iranian LEU

We Are Not Going to Nuke Iran

Happy Birthday, Dave Abshire

Australia, China and Uranium

Divine Strake

Iran FM: Regional Fuel Cycle = Rad


Spying on the Bomb

Iran, Iran, Iran


British Strategy on Iran

My Summer Vacation Redux

Pu Aging

Koufax Semi-Finalist: Best Expert Blog

Iranian Nuclear Weapons Errata


What Does Disarmament Look Like Again?

Give the Tiki Doll Back, Please

Indian Separation Plan

Boogie Oogie Oogie

Tender Mercies: ISIS on India

Forden and Thomson in JIR

Iran and the Shahab 3

Subcritical Nuclear Test

Koufax Nominations

Sixty Freaking Five Percent?

IAEA GOV/2006/15

Executive Director, Managing the Atom

Centrifuges & Limited Enrichment

Springtime for Kim Jong Il

Where Would Jesus Look for WMD?

Iran's Underground UF4 Plant

Chinese Underground Facilities

Feel the Rush

Iranian Test Shaft Redux


Reporting on Iran

Iranian Nuclear Test Shaft

Results of State Dept. Reorganization

What Declaration?

Linzer on the Iranian Laptop

Safeguarding Breeder Reactors Redux

Green Salt

New Blog of Note

Arms Control and Nonproliferation Advisory Board

Air Force Leaders Discuss Air Force Issues

Heinonen Safeguards Update

IAEA Safeguards Report on Iran

Feed Has Been Repaired


Hans Brix! Oh No!

Safeguarding Breeder Reactors

Strangers With Candy

Iran & The Bomb 3: Strike options

Iran & the Bomb 2: Iran's Missiles

China Nuclear Weapons Museum

Iran & the Bomb 1: How Close Is Iran?

Niger Memo Online

Human Shields in Baghdad

Plutonium Ages Better Than Sophia Loren

Slebos Bottom Bearing Preforms

Democracy and War

DOE DEL Wraps Up India Workshop

Greetings from Colorado Springs

Roston on Gertz on Tice

Meet Jane Vaynman

No Sled Test At Sandia

Curious Sanctions

Kim Jong Il's Bodyguards

WMD Procurement Networks in Europe


Happy New Year

Four Star Blogger

Indian Chemical Firms Update

US Sanctions Indian Firms For Chem Sales

Leap Year Will Not Cause Nuclear War

RNEP Mopping Up

KRL Junk Orders

Happy X Mas

Paragliding with LA Catholic Worker

Reuters: Zhu Chenghu Disciplined


DefenseTech on Eavesdropping

WSJ On Reliable Replacement Warhead

New Triad 4: ChiCom EMP Threat?

New Triad 3: Obering On Missile Defense

New Triad 2: Cambone on the New Triad

New Triad 1: Tailored Deterrence

Implementing the New Triad

Inside Defense Blog

ElBaradei Accepts Nobel Prize

Will MDA Ever Attempt Another Intercept?

Alternative Cover Sheets for Classified Info

UCS Satellite Database

A Nuclear Doctrine That Doesn't Deter

Who Says Sanctions on Iran Don't Work?

RNEP Raises Its Ugly Head, Again


Nuclear Cooperation with India

Fetter Wins Bethe Prize

Images of US Policy Toward Iraq

Michael and Vic

RRW Update

It's Not About the Yellowcake

Lewis on MSNBC


Beaten With A POGO Stick

Not Your Daddy's Triad

Great Balls of … Uranium

ISIS Against The Gray Lady

Iran To Convert 150 Drums of Yellowcake

20th Century Castles

North Korea Just Enjoys Nuclear Talks

North Korea: Cappucino Diplomacy

NNSA Denies Axeing RNEP

Iran Dope Concerns RV Not Warhead

Dangers of Accidental Missile Launch

Give An Inch, They Swim All Over You

$44 B Intelligence Budget

Over the Hill and Through the Woods

Bob Joseph Just Doesn't Get It

Carnegie Nonproliferation Conference

Wolf In Sled's Clothing?

Six Party Talks Resume November 9

Arbatov on Revising Nuclear Deterrence

Red Star Rogue: Pinch Loaf

XSS-11 Images Minotaur Upper Stage

Indian Space Driven By Microsat Hoax

Steinbruner on Iraq

NNSA Asks Congress to Drop RNEP

TPM: No Second Source on Niger Claims

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

What's the NSC Up To With North Korea?

PLA Procurement Website

URRW Update

Chinese mixer-settlers at UCF

Remote Detection of Nuclear Proliferation

2ND Artillery Launches PP Assault

My Surreal Life

What Ever Happened to CVID?

Rumsfeld to Visit China's 2nd Artillery HQ

Kerr Report

The Admiral

My Lil' PONI

MI5 Document on Proliferation

The Ubiquitous Wonk

Tom Schelling Wins Nobel Prize

Why I Support ElBaradei's Nobel Prize

More on Libya's Bomb Design …

Congratulatons Mo!

Hayden Beat Sweetner in the Ballmer Sun

Roston: J-Bolt Screwed Iraqi Scientists

Can North Korea Produce UF6?

Questions about NORK Centrifuge Program


State Department ISN Bureau

Senate: Restore NFIRE KV

RRW: Los Alamos vs. Livermore

Iran's UF6 Is "Crap"

Technical Difficulties at Bushehr?

Ex-Interpreter on Six Party Joint Statement

Who Needs Intercept Tests?

IAEA BoG Refers Iran … Kinda

The Biological Threat from China


Did Ahmadinejad Help or Hurt in NYC?

Et tu, Boote?

Construction at Yongbyon 50 Mwe Reactor

Six Party Talks Joint Statement

Synthetic Biohazard Non-Proliferation

Questions About U.S. Intelligence on China

A History of Concealment and Deception

Wonk 2.0 & Paul Shambroom

Former IAEA DDG Goldschmidt: Refer Iran

Multiple Kill Vehicles (MKV)

REentry Structures Experiment (RESE)

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations (Joint Publication 3-12) Revisted

US Proposed Amendments: Disarmament and Nonproliferation

Six Party Talks Resume September 13

Rattehalli Rare Materials Plant (RMP)

Gearity on China & Export Controls

One more thing on India & the Khan Network

Iran Nuclear Abilities Limited

India's Nonproliferation Record

Office of Technology Assessment

America's Purpose

Sticks and Stones: China, Iran and the UCF

Gchine (Gehine)

Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in the Islamic Republic of Iran, GOV/2005/67

George Tenet Pep Talk

China's Endeavors for Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

State Department Compliance Report

Ken Pollack's Eight Point Plan For Regime Change in Iraq

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

His Own Private Idaho

Musharraf On Khan & North Korea

IAEA Clears Iran on HEU

NFIRE Kill Vehicle Finally Dead. Really.

FIA joins Misty on SpySat Budget Scaffold



Microsatellite-based Space Targets for Missile Defense

Uranium Reliable Replacement Warhead (URRW)

Yang Yegong

Back to the Future: U235 Designs for the Reliable Replacement Warhead?

How Many Chinese Front Companies?

Inside Iran's UCF

Rowhani Out; Larijani In

Got Gas? Iran Stinks at Making UF6

Air Force May Convert 50 ICBMs to Conventional Roles

Welcome Stephen Young

Russian Subs Just Don't Patrol Like They Used To

How Far is Iran From A Bomb?

General Jew

How Much Pu in a North Korean Bomb?

HEU Exports Revisited

Me: No Evidence To Back Up ASAT Claims in Chinese Military Power

North Korea and Our Nuclear Umbrella

Bum Dope about Iran's Shahab 3?

Iran Roundup: Negotiations and Wonkporn

The Scoop and the Dupe: NYT Navel Gazes on Bogus NORK Nuke Test Prep

CRS: Reliable Replacement Warhead on Fast Track

Defending Obering

Fun With Nuclear Targeting

Trey Obering is a Fool

Pritchard on US Korea Policy

China's Ballistic Missiles

North Korea's One Ton Bomb?

China's Naval Buildup

Missile Defense: To Test or Not to Test

Kinetic Energy Cavity Penetrator Weapon

China and "No First Use"


Tang Jiaxuan Wraps Up Visit to Pyongyang

Zhang Liying: China's Missile Gal

Srebrenica — 10 Years Later

National Ignition Facility

Hameed Gul and the Islamic Bomb

Steak and Cheesecake

North Korea To Return To Six Party Talks

BOING! State Department May Hit Boeing for 47 LARGE

Tehran Tourists?

Pike: No Yongbyon Construction

Rowhani: In or Out?

What I Did Over Summer Vacation: China's Los Alamos

Progess on CTR With Bolton Out the Door?

North Korea Restarting Construction at Yongbyon and Taechon?

Expanded Export Controls on China?

My Humble Thanks

Sustaining the Nuclear Enterprise – A New Approach

Is China Developing a MARV?

WMD Proliferation Financing Executive Order

Maintaining Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century

Chinese Dragon Awakens

JL-2 SLBM Flight Test

Appoint A Special Envoy for Six Party Talks Now

Is the Bush Administration Too Divided To Deal With North Korea?

Off to Beijing, Chinese Military Power Delays

Katz-Hyman on Outer Space Threats

Boost Gas and the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) Program

X-Band Radar in Canada?

What Are Five Years Among Friends? Iran Confirms 1998 Pu Experiments

Charbonneau v. Jahn: Will IAEA Throw Down On Tehran?

A Potemkin Defense: Integrated Flight Tests Hate Our Freedoms

Yuan Class Submarine

Everythin's Bigger in Texas: Sea-based X-band Radar

Did the Intelligence Community Miss A Chinese Buildup?

Bolton and the New York Channel

Washington Wavers on ElBaradei

Osirak Revisited

Second US/NK New York Channel Meeting

PSI: The Record To Date

Challenges to U.S. Space Superiority

North Korea's Underground Facilities

Human Events: Satire?

Gallucci: What's Your F*cking Plan for North Korea, Then?

Hitlers Bombe Won't Go Away

Deep Throat and Arms Control

Engage China, Engage the World

National Nuclear Security Administration Advisory Committee

Schulte to IAEA

Khan Network Remained Active in 2004

Know Your Enemy–China

IAEA Receives Pakistani Centrifuge Components, Uranium Samples

Rogue State HDBTs Revisted

Showing "Skunk" Baxter Some Love

CRS on Reliable Replacement Warhead

Off to New York

WaPo Hearts J.D. Crouch

Significant Quantity: OSD Field Guide

David Sanger: Two Time Loser on Kilju and Kumchang-ri?

How Many Rogue State Hard and Deeply Buried Targets?

North Korea and the "New York Channel"

Gordon Mitchell on Bolton's Warped Intelligence

"Last Chance" for Iran-EU3 Negotiations?

Kim Possible: Daily Show Runs Satellite Image of Suspected NK Test Site

IC Debates North Korean Test Preparations

Hay Adams @ 6:30 Tonight …

Baker Spring: The Great Sophist of All Sophists

North Korea's Nuclear Weapons May Weigh 650-750 KG

North Korea Will Test Nuclear Weapon

NFIRE May Carry Kill Vehicle After All

ISG Bungles Iraqi Scientist Interviews

Iran Offer at Informal Steering Committee Meeting

North Korean Nuclear Test Preparations

Iranian EMP "Threat"

Informal EU3-Iran Steering Committee Meets in London

Who's Keeping the Nuclear Weapons in Europe?


An Aerospace Command for India?

Can North Korea Mate a "Simple" Fission Weapon to the Taepo Dong 2?

China's Nuclear Capability

Jacoby Claims North Korea Can Arm Taepo Dong 2 With Nuke

IAEA Postpones Decision on ElBaradei

Steinbruner on Bolton

Iraqi WMD Move Themsevles, Maybe to Syria

More Bang for your NASA Buck

Conventionally Armed ICBMs

Blair Banned Bolton from Libya Talks

The Fourth Customer



Yongbyon Shut Down

The Ambiguous Arsenal

Moh-mentum: IAEA Governors To Consider 3rd Term for ElBaradei

Oh, Steve Rademaker

Hands Off My Nukes! Does Rumsfeld Want NNSA?

Reliable Replacement Warhead Program, Redux

JEL'ing Like Olivier

"Mr. Smith" is Fulton Armstrong

More on the XSS-11

XSS-11 Launch Today, Monday, 11 April 2005

The Bomb, Dmitry. The Hydrogen Bomb.

Dan Blumenthal: China Marketing to the Mullahs?

Starfire Optical Range


DTIC Removes Draft Documents


NSC Shuffle: Luti Takes AC Portfolio

Bolton: No "Inhibition" Supporting Some Terrorists

Today's Nuclear Equation

Brooks on the Reliable Replacement Warhead

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations (Joint Publication 3-12)

UNMOVIC Discredited "Curveball" in February 2003

W-76, Nuclear Testing and the Reliable Replacement Warhead Program

Kissinger Undergoes Heart Procedure

A Financial Link in that AQ Khan-North Korea-Libya UF6 Daisy Chain?

MDA R2s: Initial Reactions

Might Pakistan place nuclear weapons On F-16s?

59 Former Diplomats Agree: Bolton is a Dick

1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention

Outsourcing Deterrence


North Korea Options

F-16s to Pakistan

Stop Bolton

EU Arms Embargo on China

Did the Bush Administration Lie to Allies about North Korea?

Strategy of the Weak


Gertz and Arkin

Common Aero Vehicle

MDA R2s Hung Up

Russian Nuclear Security Follies

Spacecraft for the Unmanned Modification of Orbits (SUMO)

Griffin to Head NASA

Don't Make Us Call Him Mister Ambassador

Did Rumsfeld Propose Changes to the 1987 INF Treaty?

KE ASAT 4-Ever

Like Rashomon, But for Wonks

So Long, INF?

Nuclear Numerology Chinese Style

Hatin' on John Bolton

WMD Commission on Iran

Hitler's Bomb

Hans Bethe, 1906-2005

Appearance of Impropriety

Bolton to be UN Ambassador

Bhutto Interview with VOA

Safety and Security of Russian Nuclear Facilities Report

Brooks on RNEP

1987 Meeting Between Iran and AQ Khan Network

The Chinese Nuclear Weapons Design That Ended Up in Libya

Patriot Performance in Iraq

Dennis Papadopoulos

What to do with UNMOVIC

Biosecurity Course

It's broken, so don’t fix it

Hose off, eh?

Space Security Index

Safety and Security of Russian Nuclear Facilities

No Hostile Intent

CBO on Nuclear and Missile Defense Cuts

Arms Control Wonk Outage

North Korean Nuclear Weapons Estimate

Rice Approves Merger of Arms Control and Nonproliferation Bureaus

The Strange Case of Rod Barton

Life Imitates Art: Another Missile Defense Test Failure

North Korean Ballistic Missiles

National Security Presidential Directives

480 Nuclear Weapons in Europe

Gertz and Xiong: A Love Torn Asunder

North Korea Claims to have Nuclear Weapons

North Korean Nuclear Weapons.

Bush Slashes CTBTO Contribution (Dumb Austerity Measure 1)

President's FY 2006 Defense Budget Request

Reliable Replacement Warhead program

RNEP Shuffle

STRATCOM to lead DOD WMD efforts

Hobson at ACA

Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat (NASIC, 2003)

RNEP Correction

Did We Say that UF6 Was From North Korea?

Rademaker at ACA

North Korea Sold UF6 to Libya

Iraq: No Large-Scale Chemical Warfare Efforts Since Early 1990s

RNEP Returns

ElBaradei in the News

Whirledview: A New Blog of Note

Iraq Nuclear Scientist Publishes Memoir

Dinner from Hell

QDR May Examine Nuclear Missions, Strike Options Against China

More on the EU-Iran Negotiation Summary

Paris Negotiations Update 20: EU Confidential

ElBaradei to get Third Term

Beauty Queen's Guide to World Peace

Paris Negotiations Update 19: Iran's Nuclear Programme

The Cambone Operation: Covert Ops Redux

Avian Flu

Covert Operations

UN Clears Iran on Beryllium

DF-31 is NOT deployed, got that?

Saving Space Based Interceptors?

How Many Chinese Nuclear Weapons Redux 3

William Arkin's Code Names

A Note to Readers, Updated

Upcoming Military Space Launches of Concern, Redux

Grilling Bodman

The Japanese Made Us Do It

Hersh Article on Covert Ops in Iran

Zhao Ziyang, 1921-2005

NIC Exaggerates Future Chinese Defense Expenditures

EU-Iran Complete Round of Negotiations

Missile Defense Software

Amended Administrivia

State to Merge Arms Control and Nonproliferation Bureaus

Nuclear Test Watch Relaunch

US to Miss CWC Deadline

Iraq Survey Group Ends Work

Russian Strategic Forces Blog

Deutch on the US Nuclear Arsenal

PBD 753: Cutting Missile Defense

OPLAN 8044

Dimona Revealed

Rating ElBaradei

Fun with Torture

Bolton to Replace Libby?

CTR Funding Restored and a little Administrivia

Bolton Out?

NSPD 28: Nuclear Weapons Command, Control, Safety, and Security

Hair Trigger in Space

Back From London


China's National Defense in 2004

LLNL to Simulate Nuclear Explosion

Pettiness Toward IAEA Undermines International Security

More on Asteroids

Asteroids and Arms Control

Virtual Visit from the USAF Office of Special Investigations

Hu Jintao visits Zhu Guangya

Licensed to Il

What the F*ck is Don Rumsfeld Talking About?

Ah, Wing-nuts.

IC Can't Verify Moscow Treaty

Natwar’s N-speak and other craziness from the Subcontinent

Paris Negotiations Update 18: UF4 Production to continue until February

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Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Weblog

Administration Divide Re-emerges on North Korea

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UN First Committee supports a VERIFIABLE fissile material cut-off

Paris Negotiations Update 9: Domestic Debate Ensues

Paris Negotiations Update 8:Solana: EU-Iran Deal "Pretty Close"

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Danilov Conviction

ElBaradei Speech at Stanford

Still no Ambassador to the IAEA

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Ted Taylor, 1929-2004

Arms Control Today on Outer Space

Status of Iran

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Safire is a total hack

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Huge in China

Iranian Enrichment Facility at Natanz

Military Intelligence

Bashing ElBaradei

Up and running

Bolton: US Will Not Support 3rd Term for IAEA's El Baradei

Anybody got an Iran policy?

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Brazil: Milhollin goes HEU over Resende

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Impasse at the Conference on Disarmament

Paul Nitze, 1907-2004

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Cuba BW "Program" Redux

CIA Declassifies 1948-1972 NIEs on China

Vandenberg, Greely … Fylingdales?

North Korea … after further review

North Korea and the Bomb Redux

How many bombs in North Korea?

Congressional Research Service on Space Systems


9th ISODARCO Research Seminar, Nanjing, China

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Nuclear Weapons: Lost & Found

Microsat Kinetic Kill Payload (MKKP)

On Bilateral v. Multilateral talks with North Korea

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Counter Satellite Communications System Deployed

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Scoblic on Bush on North Korea

Debate thoughts

A Democratic National Security Strategy & Arms Control

North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons

Missile Defense Errata

High quality work over at MDA

Who says China is not transparent?

Prospects for Peace and Security in Outer Space

Cuba BW Effort Revisited

Minimum Means of Reprisal Revisited

New Assessment of Cuban BW Effort

DARPA gets the X-37

Greetings from Rock Island, IL

Iraq and GPS Jamming

Right Wing Pot Shots at Terry Little

Nuclear Goings on in North Korea

Augustana Convocation

That’s Dr. Arms Control Wonk to you, sucker …

Space Based Radar for Missile Defense

The Economist

Chinese SSBN


Missile Defense, Russian reaction …

Intelligence Analysis and Bayesian Analysis

China and Russia Submit Non-papers in CD

Nuclear Information Project

Feel the love

NFIRE KV Pulled?

NATO Nuclear Weapons

Edwards Introduces Dr. Strangelove

Rumsfeld On Missile Defense

Common Aero Vehicle Restrictions

CD Update

NFIRE Status Update

Out-wonked/with a little help from my friends

The Politics of Space Weapons

Secretary Rumsfeld meet Dr. Freud

Missile Defense and 21st Century Threats: Terrorism or China?

Porter Goss, Crazy Man

Chinese parasitic micro satellite 2

Chinese parasitic micro satellite

CISAC Summer Symposium

Cunnningham on hold


Doug Feith & the Paranoid Style

Always Read The Fine Print: Sanders Sinks the CD

FALCON/Common Aero Vehicle Contract

"I Like Ike" and other shameless efforts at self-promotion

Don’t quote me on that …

Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty Policy

Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty

Your tax dollars at work …

What happened to CSRS?

CBO report on Boost Phase

Phew … its done.

Me on the Great Wall

Defense Appropriations

"Space for Progress" Forum

Kadish on Missile Defense

Pekin, Illinois

Its baaaaack!

The other shoe … (Nuclear Testing)

Linguistic Gymnastics with the Missile Defense Agency

Department of Peace

Congress kills NFIRE

Russia ratifies Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty

US Drops Push for ICC Exemption

Emerald City

American journalism

Airstrike in Fallujah

Preventive Strikes on the Three Gorges Dam

NSPD on Iraqi Reconstruction


Hobson Smacks Back Bush Nuclear Initiatives

Proliferation Security Initiative: Less than Meets the Eye?

Chinese direct ascent ASAT

Lies, damn lies and statistics: Reagan and the Cold War

Cock blocked by the KGB

Open Skies

Abu Ghraib, ICC and the incompetent American media

Canadian Space Surveillance

Space-Based Laser in the Black Budget?

Chinese Military Power, 2004

Dude, check out Saddam/’s Sidearm!

The Allawi Factor


Well, maybe it was about oil …

What ICC Exemption?

Al Gore on Foreign Policy

New York Times/’ Mea Culpa

Buzz Aldrin, Meet Yang Liwei

International Criminal Court

Steve Cambone

Space Launches of Concern & Wonk Outage

Bad Manners At the State Department

Young, Right-Wing and Stupid in Iraq

Go Sonia! Congress wins in India. Bush will blow it, again.

NFIRE Stumbles in Senate

A bad couple of days for arms control …

Bush to give July address on Space

Rumsfeld on Torture

North Korea Taepodong Test Preparations

More Iraqi torture

An Iraqi Enclave Strategy

ICRC: Iraq Abuses Widespread

Abuses in Iraq

Its only 20 million killed …

National Aerospace Initiative

Puzzling over a classified payload

Reporting on WMD

Near Field IR Experiment Will Hit to Kill

Distorting Intelligence on North Korea

Rumsfeld’s New Buddy

Pennsylvanians go to the Polls

Forthcoming Pentagon Insanity Over China

Just Make Facts Up! They're Chinese, No One Will Notice!

Mass and Yield of Chinese Nuclear Warheads

Pfc. Hammer Finds a Home; No Word on Pfc. Goodwin

Chinese Defense Expenditures

Defense Science Board Task Force on Future Strategic Strike Forces

Kill the NFIRE, No Matter What Oberg Says

Albania to the Rescue

China launches small satellite

Mordechai Vanunu, Israel and the Bomb

Condi Rice goes Kissinger over Rantisi Assasination

Secretive Chinese Hide Technology in Museum

Bush on Iraq, Redux

Bush Press Conference

Workshop on Technical Aspects of Space Security

Putin Calls for Space Weapons Ban

Chinese kidnapped in Iraq

Iraq vs. Alaska: Battle of the Boondoggle Bridges

Bin Ladin Determined to Strike In US

Iraqi Governing Council: Resignations & Codemnations over Fallujah

USAID "Accomplishments in Iraq"

Sutyagin gets 15 years

When it rains, it pours: Afghanistan and Iraq

More Wolfowitz Delusions

Zhang Aiping and the Giant Wave (Julang)

US Strikes Mosque in Fallujah

Rumsfeld Grudgingly Admits Obvious

CENTCOM: No Damage to the Mosque

Russian Arms Control Researcher Convicted

Zhao Ziyang Ailing

Brazil Rebuffs IAEA

Tom Tomorrow

Bob Joseph Says Missile Defense Will Be Space Based

NFIRE Gets Some Bad Press

Killings in Fallujah

Nye on Rumsfeld on Soft Power

How many Chinese Nuclear Weapons Redux

Free Press in Iraq (What a difference a week makes)

St. Kitts and Nevis Sign CTBT

From OJ to A Bian

China Warns of Intervention in Taiwan

Russian Defense Minister Ivanov and the Ideology of the Nuclear Posture Review

Kadish and Space-Based Missile Defense, Redux

Kadish says no space-based missile defense

Seigman on Sheik Ahmed Yassin Assasination

KMT Conspiracy Theories

Q: How Many Canadians Does It Take To Screw Missile Defense?

Taiwan Election Close; Chen Wounded in Shooting

Does Rumsfeld Still Want to Withdraw From Kosovo?

Rumsfeld on the imminent threat from Iraq

Nuclear Disarmament

Last comments on the Spanish Election

Condi on Meet the Press

Socialists Win Spanish election (Revised)

Aznar Campaigns on Madrid Victims

Film and Photographs

NFIRE Delayed

W. in Space

Transformational Satellite and Space-Based Radar in Trouble?

How many Chinese nuclear weapons?

Cooperative Satellite Tracking and Low Observable Satellites

Iraqi WMD (or lack thereof)

US Torpedoes the CD

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