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My own thoughts about Iran’s centrifuge program are here. And because I’m not all about nukes, there’s a post about chemical weapons here, complete with a Slayer video.


Here and here.

Short version: It’s gone.

Jeffrey adds: In case you are wondering, what the hell the ISOG is … it is the “Iran Syria Policy Options Group,” which used to be headed by Elizabeth Cheney. The Boston Globe had a pretty decent article on the subject explaining that the ISOG was “modeled after the Iraq Policy and Operations Group, set up in 2004 to shepherd information and coordinate US action in Iraq.”


I posted them here.

My preliminary take is that the Iranians’ most notable progress has been to enrich uranium in the centrifuges they have installed.

Update: More thoughts here.


Check it out here.


DIA head General Maples and DNI Admiral McConnell were asked about the subject a little over a month ago. I wrote about it here.


Full text is here.


I supplemented Jeffrey’s post by flogging a dead horse over at my place.


I followed up on Jeffrey’s excellent posts on the North Korean HEU program.

Regrettably, there are no entertaining foreign diplomat stories. Oh well.


Two short posts on the subject over at my place.


I did a short post about a good ACT piece by Wade which contains a short discussion of Soviet ASAT testing.

In other news, someone at an event the other night said they recognized me from my avatar. Weird.