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  1. wrorke (History)

    Mazda Stadium. Baseball (only) outdoor (not domed)stadium; traffic on left side of centerline –> Japan.

    Quickly find:

  2. Alex (History)

    34°23’30.6″N 132°29’04.2″E

    use Google reverse image search to figure out what it was, found “Mazda…”, searched “Mazda baseball stadium,” turns out it’s in Hiroshima.

  3. Totoro (History)

    I miss VFYW so this is a great game. Clues: Compass rose on image showed north. Shadows of light banks indicated northern hemisphere. Add left-hand drive and you get Japan. Google images (without reverse search) and the checkerboard seats points to Hiroshima stadium (34.391856, 132.484817).

  4. Tim (History)

    I guessed it was Japan just because that seemed much more likely than you using a US stadium and there’s not a lot of other countries (if any) that would have a baseball stadium that big; it seemed to be confirmed by left-hand traffic patterns. I spent a long time looking at images of Japanese baseball stadiums before trying Google Image Search. Sigh.

    Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium (I love that), Hiroshima. Home of the Toyo Carp

  5. Travis (History)

    1) It’s clearly a new stadium.
    2) Cars are driving in the left, rather than the right side of the road, so it’s not an American stadium.

    Whereas is baseball popular? I googled “Japanese baseball stadiums” and came up with this:

    Then keyword search “new” and found the Mazda Stadium. Then to confirm, I searched for it in Google Maps (34°23’32.0″N, 132°29’05.5″E).

    That you chose a ball park in Hiroshima is interesting.

  6. Grant (History)

    Finally got around to looking at these…
    Did an image search for ‘baseball stadium Japan’, having looked at a couple of other countries first.
    The stadium in Hiroshima matched; for instance the right field deck in the bleachers and the gap in the upper tier to the right field behind home plate.
    Checked with google maps.

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