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  1. case (History)

    76 Brīvības iela, Riga, Latvia – however, only in Google August 2011 street view capture. It appears to have shut down between then and 2014 imagery. For avoidance of doubt, here’s a frame:

    • case (History)

      I used the same path as @Matthew below. Checking 4square would have been a good idea, but I shortcutted with the Google Maps time slider. The reflection of “Double Coffee” in the window wasn’t so useful in the end: in part because in the 2014 Google imagery, the name is blurred out.

  2. Dmitri (History)

    56°57’30″N 24°7’30″E
    Brivibas iela, 76, Riga, Latvia, window of “Čili Pica” restaurant.

    The number 1822 in the window is a phone number of the restaurant chain ( This is a new restaurant that is not yet listed on the website. Yet searching for pictures with the query “Čili pica riga” one can find a photograph of the front of the restaurant linking to

  3. Alex (History)

    56°57’29.9″N 24°07’29.5″E

    • Alex (History)

      Sorry, my method was to search for what “Cili Pica” is and then look for one that was across the street from “double coffee.”

  4. Tim (History)

    I also found 77 Brīvības iela in Riga. looked up what “Cili Pica” is, used the phrases in the ads in the window to narrow “barbecue season” down to a couple of countries, then clicked through Google Street View of Cili Pica outlets in downtown areas (it being an old-looking building).

  5. Matthew (History)

    I found Cili Pica was a Lithuanian based pizza chain however the signs are in Latvian. I was unable to find the restaurant in their current list so I moved on to the reflected signs. Double Coffee is a Latvian chain with only a small number of locations, Google Street view enabled me to identify the architecture as that of their Brivibas street operation and the distinctive architecture opposite also matched. Checking the historic imagery I found there was a Cili Pica there in 2011. Checking Foursquare regular reviews ceased around the end of 2013 so the image must date prior to then.

  6. Totoro (History)

    Riga, Latvia. 56.958419, 24.124998. Didn’t start with just googling Cili Pica, but rather the reflected image of “Double Coffee”. That got me to Riga, then it was a matter of co-locating DC with Cili Pica. Don’t know when your pic was taken but my version of Google maps doesn’t show the Cili Pica storefront, although it clearly shows the ornate doorways.

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