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  1. wrorke (History)


    S. Korea, beach, high-rises mean it’s in city, wooded hill right background

  2. Tim (History)

    36-3 in Busan, Haeundae beach SongJung (Songjeong)

    See it here:

    I recognized Korean, but I don’t know anything at all about it. It was entertaining to find a way to trial-and-error enter Korean characters, but I managed to enter “하얀성” from the sign on the left. After a dead-end of finding out that this means “White Castle” and searching “White Castle” Korea, I put that string into Google Image search and recognized the building as hit #5 on the page linked above.

  3. Totoro (History)

    Slightly harder. Clearly Korea, clearly Google streetview, so either Seoul/Incheon or Busan. Wander through looking for beaches. 35.180470, 129.201985

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